Me, Myself And I

About Us Donios

Georgios Donios

Made in Greece

Model No: 28 / 04

Year of Production: 1979

Photography was supposed to be a one night stand for me. Perhaps something you try just to get a kick of awesomeness right after a break up rips your world apart. Heartbeats were soon replaced by shutter clicks and as life would have it, what was meant as a fleeting encounter turned into love at first sight. 

From street photography in Barcelona, to festivals in Asia, to voluntary humanitarian missions in Africa, my lenses have been my eyes and my camera my best travel companion ever since.

I’ve never considered myself much of an artist. Some people like fishing, others love hunting – I belong to the group of folks who are dazzled, inspired and driven by photography’s ability to change the world. To stop age at 20.  To keep a smile resonant and beautiful for ever. To preserve a feeling or an emotion until it’s thawed and relived once more by the warmth of a familiar gaze.To inspire travel, induce exploration and shape public opinion.